Imageberatung/Typberatung Stilberatung in Bamberg

Image consulting - Style counseling

Style is often just a matter of right advice

Get more out of yourself with my Image consulting/Style counseling

Beauty which starts in the heart, is transported outside and becomes visible from head to toe...

Vitality which is created – not only for other people, but especially for yourself.

Enjoy moments which will brighten your life.

The magic word is charisma!

Exactly what a woman is looking for, the special something which robs people of their senses and lets a man forget his own name.

Everybody knows: Fine feathers make fine birds. An experience which almost every person has made in their professional and private lives.

But what about your own content, your wishes and dreams?

It’s like creating a fantastic meal: select the recipe, buy the ingredients, cook and arrange the dish on the plate.

Dinner is finished!

First, the recipe for more charisma:

  • The close inspection of your body shape and the proportions in order to highlight your strengths through styling and hide your flaws
  • Your own specific wishes and goals to enable you to make your way even more spirited

More vitality with delicious toppings:

  • Shoes
  • Perfect skirt length and form
  • Cut and alignment, fitting fabrics
  • Suitable pants, blouses and shirts
  • Necklines and collar types

Success with ornamental decoration:

  • Jewellery
  • Glasses
  • Accessories
  • Handbags

Take some downtime and 1,5 hours for your personal style counseling.

Still have questions about image/style consulting? Then let’s go and conquer the world!

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