Appearing authentical and confident, and creating private and professional success out of it; that is the recipe to gain personal satisfaciton and well-being.

Many trends are developed abroad and only find their way to Germany when the fashion has already become mainstream in Europe.

But we don't have to conform with every trend. It's important to find your own style, to appear authentically and to radiate vitality.

"Fashion changes, but style endures" (Coco Chanel)

Then important aspects of my consultancy are:

  • that you as a unique personality and your special desires are at the centre of attention
  • that we are drawing on all resources you have
  • that you will get a feeling for colors/styles/effects
  • to have a respectful atmosphere and an open-minded, confident consultancy

The essential of Heike's in brief...

Early in her younger years, at the time when she could barely reach her first rummage tables, she had been drawn ton the beauty of everthing connected to fashion and styling.

As if it had been predetermined, she got a job in the fashion area directly after her apprenticeship. At that time and through more training and qualifications, she received more than a few insights into the beauty-, colour- and styling-branche.

Later on and with the qualfication of an commerical specialist, she was working as a fashion buyer/product manager at an international mail-order house and in the group of the largest online retailers for fashion and lifestyle.

Through her engagement and drive, she could collect lots of knowledge. Starting from selecting articles over to product developments, price-negotionations as well as supplier-management and product presentations.

Due to the experience in travelling abroad as well as trendscouting and visiting fairs within Europe and the Farest, she was collecting international work experience and developed extensive skills for the English language.

With the slogan "A rolling stone gathers no mass" and combined with her curiosity as well as a desire for knowledge, she has fully trained to a Psychological Counseling, Mastercoach and Business Mediator, all together emboding a holistic aspect and communication.

With the beauty that resides in everybody's heart, is transported outwards and becomes clearly visible from head to toes a development for......

...More charisma    ...More joy of life    ...More success