Wardrobecheck in Bamberg und Umgebung

Wardrobe check

It’s again one of those terrible days… one of those day when you can find nothing and nothing at all to wear – in spite of an overflowing wardrobe...

Your husband is standing next to you and is shaking his head in disbelief while you sit in front of the wardrobe like a rabbit caught in the headlights??? You think: “Better say nothing my darling!”

Desperately, you a grabbing for your baggy pants, because the others are too small, too short, too tight, too big or simply not trendy enough anymore? Then also the old shirt that fits much better than the one you newly bought and have never worn?

The turning and twisting in front of the mirror, to the left, to the right and from the beginning don’t really lighten up your mood?

Does all of this seem familiar to you? Well, there is no reason for that!

I will help you:

  • To find the ideal combinations that are suitable for your type
  • To sort out unflattering pieces
  • To make room for new additions
  • To create a clearly arrange wardrobe

The wardrobe check takes usually about 3 hours. This may vary of course depending to the capacity of your wardrobe.

Additional style counseling and/or colour counseling is advised but not necessary.

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Bamberg Wardrobecheck